Paper 5 :

Advanced Accounting

Advanced Accounting

01  Application of Accounting Standards


23 Lectures                Know More
02   Partnership Accounts


10 Lectures                Know More
03  Accounting for Employee Stock Option Plans


 3 Lectures                Know More
04   Buy Back of Securities and Equity Shares with Differential Rights


 4 Lectures                Know More
05  Amalgamation of Companies


 8 Lectures                Know More
06   Internal Reconstruction


 2 Lectures                Know More
07  Liquidation of Companies


 5 Lectures                Know More
08   Financial statements of Banking Companies


 8 Lectures                Know More
09    Non-Banking Financial Companies


 2 Lectures                Know More
10   Consolidated Financial Statements


 14 Lectures                Know More
03    Accounting for Employee Stock Option Plans


 2 Lectures                Know More
04     Buy Back of Securities and Equity Shares with Differential Rights


3 Lectures        Know More

About Advanced Accounting


Accounting is covered in subjects at the CA intermediate level. The purpose is to enhance the importance of understanding various concepts in depth for a student perusing the CA course. The CA Intermediate advanced accounting has only 7 chapters covering wide range of syllabus. All the chapters are based on either the Companies Act or laws governing such entities or Accounting standards/guidance notes issued by ICAI. To add on to the accounting knowledge acquired in CA foundation and group I of CA Inter. To enrich students with standard chapters in company accounts like amalgamation & Consolidation of companies so that they are well prepared to experience this practically. To provide basic accounting knowledge of other entities. 


The topics covered at CA Intermediate Level in Advanced Accounting

  • Accounting Standards – 7,9,14,18,19,20,24,26 & 29 & Guidance notes  
  • Company Accounts – ESOP, buy back, Equity shares with differential rights, underwriting of shares/debentures  
  • Financial reporting of Banking, Insurance & Non- Banking Finance companies and Mutual funds 
  • Amalgamation, Consolidation & liquidation of companies 
  • Valuation of goodwill 


The best approach to study CA Intermediate Advanced Accounting

  • Since both Amalgamation and Consolidation are there in the ICAI syllabus, practice problems with time in mind to avoid mismanagement of time in exams. Write mock tests given by ICAI 
  • Show detailed steps through working notes; give proper reference to working notes   
  • Normally, stepwise marking approach is followed, so do not worry if the balance sheet does not tally; based on your time allocation, keep moving to the next question 
  • Solve the problems on your own; do not see the answer till end. This helps you to identify your strengths and weakness so that you can work on them 
  • Never skip easy chapters like underwriting, Banking & Insurance company accounting 
  •  In case of Insurance companies and Banking companies, learn the schedule numbers properly


CA Chinmaya Hegde
CA Chinmaya Hegde
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CA Srikanth M S
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CA Kameswaran


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