Auditing and Assurance (New Syllabus)

Vikas Oswal
Vikas Oswal

Chartered Accountant

CA Vikas Oswal is a fellow member of the ICAI and resides in Bangalore. He has over 12+ years of experience in teaching 'Auditing' for CA Intermediate and CA Final students at ICAI and other private institutions. He is the author of one of the most definitive books on Audit for CA Intermediate/CA IPCC & CA Final students. His way of teaching concepts is dynamic, dramatic and entertaining. He holds various diplomas like DISA and ACS.

CA Intermediate Online video lectures of LearnCab provides comprehensive lectures on-

  • Application of Accounting Standards and guidance notes.
  •  Accounting for ESOP, Buyback of securities and Equity with Differential rights, Underwriting of shares and debentures, Amalgamation of companies, Accounting for the reconstruction of companies, Accounting for Liquidation of Companies, Insurance companies.
  • Banking companies, non-banking financial companies, Mutual funds, Valuation of Goodwill, Consolidated financial statements.
  •  Accounting pronouncements and guidance notes.
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