Why is e-Learning the Future of Education for Professional Courses?

Why is e-Learning the Future of Education for Professional Courses?

E-learning is where the future is.

E-learning is where the future is. Yes, you heard it right.

A lot of people may argue that a traditional classroom teaching method is more effective as opposed to online education. Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages to both, but we’d like to share some positive aspects of e-learning and address some of the disadvantages of each. So, let’s begin and you can make a decision for yourself.

E-learning as the Future of Education


First and foremost, what is e-learning? And why is it all the rage these days? It is basically the transfer of knowledge in the form of online classes, online video lectures, pen drive classes among a lot of other things. This is not a substitute for traditional classroom teaching but rather a more accessible alternative. E-learning comes handy in professional courses such as CS, CMA and CA and the demand for it is also growing quite a bit. With that out of the way, we can now move on to the advantages and disadvantages of each.

What are the advantages of the traditional classroom learning method?

Physical learning in the classroom is a tried-and-tested success. We’ve been part of that system of learning for years and it has proven more than effective for a number of reasons. So, what makes this way of learning so beneficial? Let’s try and understand point-by-point.

  1. Personal Touch: Being present in a physical classroom and interacting with other students and your lecturers enables out-of-the-box thinking and exchange of ideas among peers. So, for those who are comfortable with that setting, coaching classes at the numerous coaching centres across the country might be the right option.
  2. Discipline: The classroom learning method has fixed timings which helps with discipline – a quality that many of us lack but goes a long way. Learning at coaching centres helps you stay organised and focussed.
  3. Clarification of doubts: With your lecturers and teachers physically present, you can have your doubts and questions clarified on the spot.

What are the disadvantages of the traditional classroom learning method?

Nothing is perfect and the traditional classroom learning method is no exception. While we’ve mastered this over the years, there is still some scope for betterment. So, what are its cons? Let’s find out together!

  1. Learning pace: Every student learns at a different pace. Some are quick learners and some take a little time to grasp certain parts of the study material. In classrooms, you have to keep up with your instructor and each lecture only takes place only once. So, the room for revision becomes smaller.
  2. Distance and costs: A lot of students travel a long way just to get to a coaching centre. It’s time-consuming and expensive. We’re sure you’ve dealt with this. In addition to this, the cost of the coaching classes is yet another expensive affair.
  3. Student to teacher ratio: One teacher is allotted to a large number of students per classroom. As a result, the instructors are unable to focus their attention to individual students. It’s a tragic flaw in an otherwise effective method of teaching.

What are the advantages of e-learning?

This brings us to the hero of our post – e-learning. Professional courses such as CMA, CA, CS have become accessible to all, thanks to online education. Every year, parents spend hundreds of thousands of rupees on getting their children admitted into coaching centres for professional courses and additional amounts on getting them to travel from home to the centres and back, and that’s just the beginning. The course fee, yearly or semester-wise is not easy on the pocket either. What e-learning has very effectively done is break this cost and distance barrier. It’s made online education a standard to be matched. Let’s look some reasons as to why this is:

  1. A custom-made schedule: With pre-recorded online video lectures for CMA students, for example, and access to exhaustive information at the click of button, students can now study at their own pace and design a study schedule around their comfort and flexibility.
  2. 24/7 accessibility: In this day and age, every student owns a smart phone, a desktop or a laptop and a major advantage of online education is that you can access information from anywhere and at any time. This is the exact opposite of what a physical coaching classroom provides and as a result it has become a popular option for students.
  3. Best of both worlds: If you go the online learning way, then you not only get the advantages we mentioned in our previous points but also the benefit of a classroom in your home. LearnCab for example, offers an outside-the-class classroom experience, wherein experts in the fields of CA, CMA and CS pre-record interactive video lectures for students. You can get online lectures for CA students, online lectures for CMA students and online lectures for CS students, all on one platform. That is the power of e-learning.
  4. Cost-effective: Yes, online education, whether it’s in the form of video lectures, pen drive classes or any other knowledge source on the internet, is more cost-effective than going to coaching centres. Not only do you save on the time and trouble of travelling but also gain a lot of information for relatively less money. We say it’s a win-win deal.
  5. Regular technological updates: E-learning is up-to-date with all technological advancements in the field of education. Information is constantly being updated on the internet and being brought to students via all these online platforms.

What are the disadvantages of e-learning?

There is always a flipside to anything advantageous. However, in the case of e-learning, the pros trump the cons but let’s address the cons nonetheless. Here we go!

  1. Lack of Discipline: In a classroom setting, there are fixed timings for lectures and as a result, your body and mind get attuned to follow a schedule. In the case of online learning, you might find it hard to maintain that discipline and stay organized. However, this also differs from person-to-person. Some people feel more disciplined when they’ve set their own timetables and boundaries.
  2. Student-Teacher relationship: Since e-learning is a distance learning method, the very intrinsic student-teacher bond is missing. Students feel much more comfortable knowing their doubts and concerns are being addressed promptly.
  3. Internet connectivity: In order to access anything online, whether its online lectures for CS students or online lectures for CMA students, you need a high-speed internet connection. In India though, with Internet penetration increasing at an exponential rate, this will not be a problem for the future.
  4. Student-student interaction: If you are using the online education method, there is a lack of relationship that students share while studying in a physical coaching centre which can be particularly hard for those pursuing professional courses because you can’t share and exchange knowledge as you would ordinarily.

What are the different e-learning platforms for professional courses?

There are many options for students who wish to pursue online studies. Let’s take look at what these options might be:

  1. Online Video Lectures: This is a widely popular and extremely effective form of online education. Websites such as ours have dedicated teams hard at work to bring online video lectures for CA students, CS students and CMA students given by experts in these professional fields and cover all papers from the foundation courses to the final courses of these examinations.
  2. Pen Drive Classes: This is another popular option for those pursuing e-learning. You can buy all your study material in the form of a pen drive which you can access anywhere and at anytime, and without the need of an internet connection.
  3. Online classes: This is the closest you can get to a classroom learning experience outside the classroom. You can log in from anywhere and access live lectures from anywhere in the country or the world for that matter. It’s an inspired solution to bridge the gap between offline and online education.

In closing

This sums up our two cents on e-learning and how it is the future for education. At the end of the day, it is up to you to decide your future. It’s important to be comfortable and motivated when you pursue these heavily competitive professional courses. If you’re convinced about the benefits of online education, you can start by using LearnCab – our student-friendly portal that gives online lectures on CMA for students wishing to enrol in the foundation, intermediate and final courses and likewise for CS and CA students as well. You can choose to access our portal through our website or by downloading our app. If you are new to the credit system, know all about it and we’ll help you with every step along the way.

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We hope this blog helps you in making a decision for your future and gives you the boost you require to take your learning capabilities to a whole new level.

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