Paper 1 :

Business Communication

Business Communication

01   English Grammar and its usage


8 Lectures                Know More

03  Comprehension of Passage and art of Summarizing


4 Lectures                Know More

04   Concept of Business Communication


6 Lectures                Know More

05   Listening Skills


4 Lectures                Know More

06    Business Correspondence


5 Lectures                Know More

07   Concept of E-Correspondence


5 Lectures                Know More

08   Common Business Terminologies


8 Lectures                Know More

About Business Communication


The paper on Business Communication is designed to make the students hone their communication skills and get well prepared to face the corporate world. Communication skills along with drafting skill is most important for professionals in order to deliver the information timely and accurately. This subject being the fundamental or basics, ICSI expects students to be well acquainted with this subject. CS is a professional course and requires professionals to communicate with management, regulatory and other stakeholders. Hence this subject is given prime importance at this level.


The topics covered in Business Communication

  • Parts of speech, idioms and phrases, Homophones, Sentence completion, Foreign words.
  •  Communication, Listening skills, Effective communication, and the barrier to effective communication.
  • Business Correspondence – Business letters, Reports, E-mail, Web


The best approach to study Business Communication

  •  Practicing various formats is most recommended, don’t just read the formats given in your books. Write and practice.
  •  Read good English newspapers.
  •  Improve vocabulary and correct use of words.


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