Paper 2 :

Company Law

Company Law

01   Introduction


6 Lectures                Know More

02   Constitution of India


5 Lectures                Know More

03  Members and Shareholders


9 Lectures                Know More

04   Debt Capital


 Lectures                Know More

05  Charges


2 Lectures                Know More

06   Distribution of Profits


2 Lectures                Know More

09    Transparency and Disclosures


 2 Lectures                Know More

10    An overview of Inter-Corporate Loans, Investments, Guarantees and Security, Related Party Transactions


Lectures                Know More

07   Corporate Social Responsibility


 3 Lectures                Know More

08    Accounts, Audit and Auditors


Lectures                Know More

11   Registers and Records


 1 Lecture                 Know More

12    An overview of Corporate Reorganization


Lectures                Know More

15   Board Constitution and its Powers & Lesson 18: Meetings of Board and its Committees


 5 Lectures                Know More

16    Directors


6  Lectures                Know More

13    Introduction to MCA 21 and filing in XBRL


 1 Lecture                 Know More

14    Global Developments


1  Lecture                 Know More

20    Virtual Meetings


 1 Lecture                 Know More

21    Legal framework governing Company Secretary


0 Lectures                Know More

17    Key Managerial Personnel


 4 Lectures                Know More

19   General Meetings


  9  Lectures                Know More

22     Secretarial Standards Board


  0 Lectures                Know More

23    Mega Firms


1 Lecture                 Know More

About Company Law


Company Law is the collection of various legal aspects that govern the formation, running and winding up of a Company. The Indian Company Law is governed by the Companies Act, 2013 and to a certain extent, the Companies Act, 1956. The subject enumerates rules, regulations and procedures to be followed by corporate entities such as Incorporation of Companies, Issue of capital Instrumentsholding of meetings, composition of Directors, etc. Compliance under Companies Act, 2013 is mandatory for all corporate entities, failing which the Corporates will face penal actions.

Company Law is one of the core areas of practice and subject of expertise for a Company Secretary. At this level you will be studying various provisions under the Companies Act, its Rules and regulations. At the next level you will be expected to analyse corporate issues faced by Companies and provide solutions, and solve case studies. Hence understanding and being thorough with the Provisions of Companies Act is of utmost importance.


The topics covered in Company Law at CS Executive Level is, 

  • Introduction to Company Law 
  • Provisions relating to Shares and debentures 
  • Provisions relating to Members and Shareholders 
  • Charges 
  • Distribution of Profits 
  • Provisions relating to Loans, Investments and Related Party Transactions 
  • Introduction of the website and usage of Ministry of Corporate Affairs 
  • Constitution of Board of Directors 
  • Board Meetings and Annual general Meetings 
  • Importance of Company Secretary as a profession 


The best approach to study for the Company Law paper is

  • Start studies at least 7-8 months before exams 
  • It is highly recommended to refer to the Bare Act for studying Company Law. The ICSI material is also very helpful as the procedures and rules are given in a systematic order. A combination of studies from the Bare Act and ICSI study material is recommended 
  • Prepare your own notes: Company Law is all about procedures, rules and regulations. It is understood best when you make your own study notes in the simplest possible language to remember every provision along with Section Numbers 
  • Updates: Law is a very dynamic subject with many amendments, circulars and notifications. Keep updating yourselves with any such changes to be able to tackle tricky questions related to amendments applicable to your exam. Further, you may visit websites of Ministry of Corporate Affairs to access any amendments 


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CA Rajiv Rabindran
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