Paper 3:

Corporate Restructuring, Valuation & Insolvency

Corporate Restructuring, Valuation & Insolvency

01   Introduction and Concepts


3 Lectures                Know More

02    Mergers and Amalgamations – Legal and Procedural Aspects


5 Lectures                Know More

08   Corporate Demergers and Reverse Mergers


Lectures                Know More

10      Funding of Mergers and Takeovers


Lectures                Know More

04   Accounting Aspects of Amalgamations


1 Lecture                Know More

05     Financial Financial, Stamp Duty and Taxation Aspects of Amalgamation, Stamp Duty and Taxation Aspects of Amalgamation


 Lectures                Know More

11   Financial Restructuring


 Lectures                Know More

12   Post Merger Re-Organisation


1  Lecture                 Know More

14   Valuation Introduction and Techniques


 2 Lectures                Know More

15    Petition for Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process


2  Lectures                Know More

17   Corporate Insolvency and Resolution Process


 7 Lectures                Know More

About Corporate Restructuring, Valuation & Insolvency


Corporate restructuring is a collective term for a variety of different business transactions. Mergers, amalgamations, acquisitions, compromises, arrangement or reconstruction are all different forms of corporate restructuring exercises in the corporate world. Insolvency is a term used when an individual or organization can no longer meet its financial obligations with its lender or lenders as debts become due. It is an event that usually occurs when a company is insolvent, meaning it cannot pay its obligations when they come due. Winding up is the method of ending, or dissolving, a business. The winding up activity includes selling all assets, paying off creditors, and distributing remaining assets to the partners or shareholders.

Corporate restructuring, Insolvency and winding up are core areas of Practice for a Company Secretary. Expert level knowledge in this field is expected out of students.After having studied in-depth about corporate laws, at this level you will be able to understand concepts of corporate restructuring better and will be able to analyse and apply the legal implications. 


The topics covered  in Corporate RestructuringInsolvencyLiquidation & winding up at CS Professional Level

  • Types of Corporate Restructuring 
  • Acquisition of Company/ Business 
  • Planning & Strategy 
  • Process of M&A transactions 
  • Documentation–Merger & Amalgamation 
  • Valuation of Business and Assets for Corporate Restructuring 
  • Accounting in Corporate Restructuring
  • Taxation & Stamp Duty aspects of Corporate Restructuring 
  • Competition Act 
  • Regulatory approvals of scheme 
  • Appearance before NCLT / NCLAT. 
  • Fast Track Mergers 
  • Cross Border Mergers 


The best approach to study Corporate Restructuring, Insolvency, Liquidation & winding up paper 

  • Start studies at least 7-8 months before exams 
  • It is highly recommended to refer to the Bare Act. The ICSI material is also very helpful as the procedures and Rules are given in a systematic order. A combination of studies from the Bare Act and ICSI study material is recommended. 
  • Prepare your own notes: Company Law is all about procedures, rules and regulations. It is understood best when you make your own study notes in the simplest possible language to remember every provision along with Section Numbers. 
  • Updates: Law is a very dynamic subject with many amendments, circulars and notifications. Keep yourself updated by visiting the website of Ministry of Corporate Affairs to be able to tackle tricky questions which are related to amendments applicable to your exam. 

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