Paper 2 :

Cost and Management Accounting

Cost and Management Accounting

01  Introduction to Cost and Management Accounting


3 Lectures                Know More

02   Material Cost


6 Lectures        Know More

03  Labour Cost


4 Lectures                Know More

04   Direct Expenses and Overheads


 5 Lectures                Know More

07  Costing Systems


15  Lectures                Know More

08  Marginal Costing


 6 Lectures                Know More

05  Activity Based Costing


Lectures                Know More

06   Cost Records


 3 Lectures                Know More

11   Cost Accounting Records and Cost Audit


2 Lectures         Know More

12    Analysis and Interpretation of Financial Statements


17 Lectures          Know More

09   Standard Costing


9 Lectures         Know More

10  Budget, Budgeting and Budgetary Control


5 Lectures          Know More

13   Past Examination Questions


15 Lectures         Know More

About Cost and Management Accounting


Cost and Management Accounting is an enabler for a CS to face today’s ever-growing global business environment with overall skill sets. Cost and Management Accounting assures moderate level of knowledge in costing concepts and application of the same. While as a CS, it may be counterintuitive to study costing, ICSI has introduced this paper for the reason that it gives you a holistic idea of how an organisation works internally.  

The topics covered in Cost and Management Accounting is,

  • Introduction 
  • Elements of Cost – Material, Labour & Overheads 
  • Activity Based Costing 
  • Cost Sheet 
  • Cost Accounting System


The best approach to study Cost and Management Accounting is,

  • Read the question properly; many students would have understood the concepts correctly but may not have answered in the way ICSI expects you to write the answer 
  • Conceptual knowledge is a must because adjustments in a question can be different from that of study material issued by ICSI 
  • You may make not of all the numerical data given at the beginning of your solution while reading the question 
  • Examiners play with English in this paper; it is important to understand the question correctly 
  • Present all the steps in form of working notes. Also, give appropriate references to the main answer 
  • Do not skip any chapter 
  • Make note of difficult adjustments that you find while practicing either in separate book or just in the corner of page where the problem is found. This exercise will help in saving time while revising 


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CA Hariharan K
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