Paper 4 :

Current Affairs

Current Affairs

01    International and National Affairs


7 Lectures                Know More

02    Financial Affairs


2 Lectures                Know More

03   Political Affairs


1 Lecture                 Know More

04   Legal and Other Affairs


1 Lecture                 Know More

About Current Affairs


Current Affairs tests your general knowledge and Viva Voce tests your communication skill. This subject introduces you to national and international treaties, developments, sustainability programmes, those action plans, summits that are initiated for the world’s economic development.

This subject introduces students to various influencing components of the economic world. Students are expected to be updated with the various initiatives by the national and international bodies for the nation’s development in the field of science, technology, sustainable development, space etc. Also, the institute has a viva voce where the students are required to answer the questions either by listening to questions (audio clips) or speaking on a given topic or explaining a term, thereby testing your listening and communication skills.

The topics covered in Current Affairs, Presentation and Communication Skills (Viva Voce)

International and National Affairs, Financial Affairs, Political Affairs, Legal Affairs, functions and constitution of various international bodies, targets and goals set out in various conferences and summits.

The best approach to study Current Affairs, Presentation and Communication Skills (Viva Voce)

  •  The best way to be updated is the Newspaper and news channels. Get yourselves busy with reading them.
  •  Practice the viva voce, improve observing skills, listening skills and practice solving some interesting quizzes or puzzles.


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