Paper 3 :

Economic and Business Environment

Economic and Business Environment

01   Basics of Demand and Supply and Forms of Market Competition


4 Lectures                Know More

02   National Income Accounting and Related Concepts


4 Lectures                Know More

03  Indian Union Budget


2 Lectures                Know More

04  Indian Financial Markets


6 Lectures                Know More

04   Elements of Company Law


10  Lectures                Know More

05   Indian Economy


5 Lectures                Know More

06   Entrepreneurship Scenario


3 Lectures                Know More

07    Business Environment


3 Lectures                Know More

08   Key Government Institutions


Lectures                Know More

01   Basics of Demand and Supply and Forms of Market Competition


4 Lectures                Know More

06    Entrepreneurship Scenario


1 Lectures                Know More

About Economic and Business Environment


Economics deals with global aspects in relation to economic development and crisis management including Financial Market aspects. Part B of the paper consists of Business Environment dealing with the factors that impact an organization and various regulatory bodies that regulate the organization. Business Environment helps the students to analyze the environment in which the business operates that helps them to give proper advice to the management. This paper helps you to stay updated in the process flow in the business functions. ICSI expects the students to be well acquainted with the Environment in which the business operates, Corporate laws and finally the Corporate Governance.

The topics covered in the Economic and Business Environment

  1.  Economics – Basics of Demand and Supply and Forms of Market Competition, National Income Accounting and Related Concepts, Indian Union Budget, Indian Financial Markets, Indian Economy.
  2.  Business Environment – Entrepreneurship Scenario, Business Environment, Key Government Institutions.

The best approach to study Business Communication

  •  Study thoroughly the study material and refer other author’s books for any clarification or in-depth study.
  •  Cultivate news-paper and business magazines reading and keep updated.
  •  Make short notes with charts and a mind-mapping approach, that makes it easy for analyzing the concepts.


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