Paper 5:

Financial, Treasury and Forex Management

Financial, Treasury and Forex Management

01   Nature and Scope of Financial Management


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03   Capital Structure Decisions


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05    Financial Services


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07    Dividend Policy


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09   Security Analysis and Portfolio Management


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11    Treasury Management


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02   Capital Budgeting


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04   Cost of Capital


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06      Project Planning


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08    Working Capital


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10    Derivatives and Commodity Exchanges- An Overview


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12   Forex Management


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About Financial, Treasury and Forex Management


Financial, Treasury and Forex Management helps you to understand various concepts related to decisions in financial management like financing decisions, investment decisions and dividend decisions. Developments in the Indian financial system is given equal significance along with the International evolution of finance.

Every CS needs to have technical knowledge about FM. You need to know about investment decisions, dividend decisions, valuation, securities, risk analysis & management, etc. so that you build logical reasoning and strategic thinking skills so that you can apply this in the practical environment.  


The topics covered in Financial, Treasury and Forex Management at CS Professional Level

  • Capital Budgeting  
  • Capital Structure 
  • Project Finance 
  • Dividend Policy 
  • Security Analysis 
  • Treasury management 
  • Forex management 
  • Security Analysis and Portfolio Management 
  • Working capital 


The best approach to study Financial, Treasury and Forex Management paper

  •  Solve (Write and Practice) as many problems as you can and at the same time do not ignore THEORY  
  •  Make your own notes for theory even before you start your study leave to overcome time constraints  
  •  Be very clear in concepts so that it enables you to courageously face any kind of questions  
  •  Write all Formulae in a pocket note book which helps you to have quick recap of entire syllabus at one place


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