Paper 8 :

Indirect Tax laws

Indirect Tax laws

Part I: Goods and Services Tax
01  GST in India – An Introduction


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02A  Glossary


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04  Reverse Charge


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06  Value of Supply


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08  Composition Scheme


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10  Tax Invoice, Credit and Debit Notes


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12  Returns


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14  E-Way Bill


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16   Electronic Commerce


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18   IGST [Place of Supply]


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20  Audit & Assessment


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22  Appeals & Revision


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24   Inspection, Search, Seizure & Confiscation


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26   Liability to Pay in Certain Cases


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02  Levy of GST


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03  Taxable Event – Supply


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05  Time of Supply


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07  Registration


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9   Input Tax Credit


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11   Payment of Tax


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13  Exception


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15   Accounts Records


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17  TCS & TDS


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19   Refund


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21   Demand & Recovery


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23  Advance Ruling


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25  Offences & Penalities


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27   GST Notes – By CA Praveen Jain


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Part II: Customs & FTP
01  Levy of and Exemptions from Customs Duty


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03  Types of Duty


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05  Importation, Exportation and Transportation of Goods


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07    Refund


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02   Types of Duty


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04   Valuation under the Customs Act, 1962


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06   Duty Drawback


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08  Foreign Trade Policy


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About Indirect Tax laws


Indirect tax laws include GST (Goods and Service Tax) which is a new law brought into force. The Indirect Taxes levied form a major source of revenue to the government.New provisions are introduced at jet speed in this paper. The tax base of the country along with compliance seems to be widening in the (Goods and Service Tax) GST era.  

This paper upgrades the knowledge of GST (Goods and Service Tax) acquired during Inter to the level where student transforms as a professional i.e. he should be able to analyse this paper with a practical mind to cater to client’s needs such as how to save taxes, tax return, etc.Customs and FTP (Funds Transfer Pricing) provide added knowledge to a student in his career journey.  

The topics covered in Indirect Tax Laws at CA Final Level

  • The CGST Act, The IGST Act, read with rules, notifications and circulars  
  • The Customs Act and the Customs Tariff Act, rules, notifications, circulars and case laws  

The best approach to study Indirect Tax Laws 

  • Make your own notes. Your hand-written notes come to the rescue during last minute revision  
  • Compulsorily study the case laws released for your exam  
  • Solve a good number of problems.  
  • Try covering as much as possible in the syllabus; do not resort to selective study  
  • Make sure you are reading all the materials that are applicable to your exam  
  • Compulsorily solve all Mock papers, revision test papers and Questions for practice released by the institute for GST  
  • You may also take suggested answers of May and Nov -18 exams to prepare for GST  
  • Never ignore customs and FTP  

 Note: All chapters of new syllabus are applicable for old syllabus also. There is no change in the syllabus


CA Praveen Jain
CA Praveen Jain
CA Lijil Lakshman
CA Lijil Lakshman


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