Paper 6C :

International Taxation

International Taxation

01  Transfer Pricing


 23 Lectures                Know More

02   Non-resident Taxation


15 Lectures                Know More

07  Tax Treaties: Overview, Features, Application and Interpretation


 6 Lectures                Know More

08   Anti Avoidance Measures


 6 Lectures                Know More

03   Double Taxation Relief


3 Lectures                Know More

04   Advance Rulings


Lectures                Know More

09  Overview of Model Tax Conventions

 12  Lectures                Know More

About International Taxation


This paper deals with principles, concepts, provisions and procedures of International taxation and Non-resident taxation in India. 

The syllabus of International Taxation will be studied under two main parts: 

  • Taxation of International Transactions and Non-resident Taxation in India  
  • Other Aspects of International Taxation

International Taxation is a niche area of Direct Tax laws. Specialisation in this area has a lot of scope for future of students.

The topics covered in CA Final International Taxation

  • Transfer Pricing
  • Non-resident Taxation
  • Double Taxation Relief
  • Advance Rulings
  • An Overview of the Black Money and the Imposition of Tax Law
  • Taxation of E -Commerce Transactions
  • Tax Treaties : Overview, Features, Application and Interpretation
  • Anti-Avoidance Measures
  • Overview of Model Tax Conventions

The best approach to study International Taxation

  • Revise the entire material for a minimum of 3 times. This helps you to pick speed while answering. 
  • Since few chapters are same as that of Paper 7, read at once for both papers to save time. 
  • Read the entire case study only once and manage time, you can proceed to answer all the MCQ’s even without referring to the case study again and again. 
  • Make best utilisation of full time given to you in the exams, write mock tests to develop your strategies. 
  • Make sure you are using the right study material for your exams. 


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