Paper 5 :

Advanced Management Accounting

Advanced Management Accounting

01  Introduction and Marginal Costing Basics


3 Lectures                Know More

02   Pricing


3 Lectures                Know More

03   Activity Based Costing


4 Lectures                Know More

04  Budgetary Control


5 Lectures                Know More

05  Transfer Pricing


4 Lectures                Know More

06   Relevanty Costing


2 Lectures                Know More

07   Standard Costing


Lectures                Know More

09   Marginal Costing


5 Lectures                Know More

Service Costing


 3 Lectures                Know More

10      JIT, MRP Etc.


3 Lectures                Know More

11    Assignment


 2 Lectures                Know More

12    Simulation


2 Lectures                Know More

13  Learning Curve


 2  Lectures                Know More

14  Transportation


 4 Lectures                Know More

15   Network Analysis


 5  Lectures                Know More

16  LPP


 5 Lectures                Know More

17   Theory


 6 Lectures                Know More

18   Notes, Question and Answer


 16 Lectures                Know More

About Advanced Management Accounting


The application of cost accounting techniques is of great importance in any industry. You get to have an advanced level understanding in the ascertainment of the cost, control, and decision-making aspects in this paper. A detailed discussion of cost management, uniform costing, profitability analysis, pricing strategies, cost reduction techniques, financial modeling, and management decision making has been introduced in this subject making the subject more interesting to study and also develops the ability to make sound decisions by having in-depth knowledge.

A major role of Chartered Accountants is playing the role of a trusted advisor to the management. This paper prepares you to be an expert and to effectively deal as an advisor.This paper has concepts that allow you to make decisions through various Quantitative Techniques like Make or Buy decisions, shutting down decisions, replacement decisions, etc. ICAI has introduced this paper so that students develop the ability to use Quantitative techniques in business scenarios.


The topics covered in Advanced Management Accounting

  •  Decision making using cost concepts and CVP Analysis, Pricing decisions.
  •  Budgetary control, standard costing, Transfer pricing, profitability analysis.
  •  Linear programming, Assignment, simulation, Critical path, and Learning curve theory.


The best approach to study Advanced Management Accounting

  •  Understand the concepts to correctly interpret the question.
  •  Draw inference and conclusion to every problem is crucial. Just solving the problem is not sufficient at this level. Practice solving problems and drawing conclusions.
  •  Practice solving as many problems as possible.
  •  Suggested answers and mock test papers available on the ICAI website come handy in solving various problems and answering.
  •  Understand the concepts and read the questions properly. There could be a slight difference in the question as given in the study material and that given in the question paper. You need to have a grip on the concepts.
  •  Mark the important adjustment in each of the problems. So that it becomes easy for last-minute revision.
  •  Systematically write down the given data in the question, which helps a lot in solving the answers.


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