Paper 6 :

Information Systems Control and Audit

Information Systems Control and Audit

01   Information systems control and audit


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02    Information Systems Concepts


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03  Protection of Information Systems


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04   Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery Planning


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05  Acquisition, Development and Implementation of Information Systems


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06   Auditing of Information Systems


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07   Information Technology Regulatory Issues


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08    Emerging Technologies


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About Information Systems Control and Audit


This paper provides students with the knowledge of fundamental concepts of Information systems and automation of the business process. This paper introduces various technology-enabled information systems and their impact on enterprise-wide processes, risks and controls. With the increased competition, management of the business has acquired strategic dimension and Chartered Accountants are expected to possess sound knowledge of technology and its application in business policy and strategic management.

Chartered Accountants are expected to conduct their Audit Engagement through the use of the Information system. Also, there is a wide scope for Information system Audit i.e conducting IS Audit to give assurance that the Information system and assets are safeguarded, are operating effectively and efficiently to achieve the organization’s goals, hence study of this subject is very crucial for CA Final students to conduct the audit, provide forensics and assurance services.

The topics covered in Information System Control and Audit

  •  Information system concepts, Protection of Information system
  •  Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery Planning
  •  Auditing of Information System, IT regulatory Issues, and Emerging technologies.


CA Anand P Jangid
CA Anand P Jangid


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