Paper 3 :

Setting Up of Business Entities and Closure

Setting Up of Business Entities and Closure

01    Choice of Business Organisation


3 Lectures                Know More

02, 3, 4 &12 : Types of Companies, Charter documents of Companies, Legal status of Registered Companies & Conversion of existing business entity


15 Lectures                Know More

05  Formation of LLP


 Lectures                Know More

06   Different Forms of Business Organisation and its Registration


7 Lectures                Know More

07   Formation and Registration of NGO’s


 4 Lectures                Know More

08    Financial Services Organisation and its Registration Process


Lectures                Know More

09  Start-ups and its registration


1 Lecture                 Know More

10   Joint Ventures Collaboration and Special Purpose Vehicles


11  Lectures                Know More

11    Setting up of Business outside India and issues relating Thereto


 1 Lecture                 Know More

13    Various Initial Registrations and Licenses


Lecture                 Know More

14    Maintenance of Registers and Records


 1 Lecture                 Know More

15   Identifying laws applicable to various Industries and their initial compliances


2  Lectures                Know More

19   General Meetings


9  Lectures                Know More

20   Strike off and restoration of name of the company and LLP


 1 Lecture                 Know More

21    Corporate Insolvency Resolution process; Liquidation and Winding-up: An overview


1 Lecture                 Know More

About Setting Up of Business Entities and Closure


A business entity is an organisation created by one or more natural persons to carry on a trade or business. There are different forms of business organisations such as Company, LLP, Societies, Trusts, etc. that can be incorporated. The Legal procedures to set up the business entities and the procedures for closure of the same are covered in this subject. It is branched out of the corporate laws to focus more on the process of setting up and closure of business entities.

It is quite crucial for a Company secretary to know and understand the laws associated with a particular form of the business entity in order to assist clients in setting up of the business and closure if need be, in such a way as to best serve the interests of all stakeholders.You are also expected to develop skills and knowledge to understand complex areas in the field of formation of various kinds of companies e.g. public company, private company; setting up of Trusts, society & LLP, etc.   

The topics covered in this paper Setting Up of Business Entities and Closure at CS Executive Level

  • Choices of Business Organisations  
  • Companies, Charter documents of Companies, legal status of Companies  
  • Limited Liability Partnership  
  • Forms of Business Organisations such as Partnership, HUF, etc.  
  • Joint Ventures  
  • Setting up of Business Entities outside India  
  • Registrations under various statutes  
  • Legal Statutes governing those Business Organisations and procedure for Winding up & Closure of Business 


The best approach to study the Setting Up of Business Entities and Closure paper
  • Study the Institute Module and Bare Act for references. Make flowcharts of processes to understand the topics in an easy way  
  • Make your own notes and give references to Sections, Rules and amendments  
  • Keeping visiting websites like Ministry of Corporate affairs, SEBI to keep yourself updated with latest amendments 
  • Do not leave any topic/chapter while you are studying for exams since every topic is important and are inter-related  


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