Paper 14 :

Strategic Financial Management

Strategic Financial Management

Section A: Investment Decisions
01  Investment Decisions, Project Planning and Control


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03   Leasing Decisions


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02   Evaluation of Risky Proposals For Investment Decisions


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Section B: Financial Markets and Institutions
04   Institutions In Finance Markets


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06  Capital Markets


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05    Instruments In Financial Markets


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07    Commodity Exchange


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Section C: Security Analysis & Portfolio Management
08   Financial Policy and Corporate Strategy


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Section D: Financial Risk Management
09    Financial Risks & Management


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11    Financial Risk Management in International Operations


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10    Financial Derivatives – Instruments for Risk Management


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About Strategic Financial Management


Strategic Management involves outlining and implementing the main goals and objectives of a business. It is a continuous process where you should re-evaluate goals and strategies regularly according to the latest business environment and trends. It involves setting financial objectives and goals, managing financial resources and Financial Risk Management.

As a qualified CMA, you will be supporting in Project Planning and Investment decisions. Therefore, you need to gain thorough understanding of Investment Portfolios and Financial Instruments. In addition, you need to have knowledge of Financial Risk Management in International Operations.


The topics covered in Strategic Financial Management at CMA Final Level

  • This paper is divided into 4 segments which are as follows: 
  1. Investment Decisions 
  2. Financial Markets and Institutions 
  3. Security Analysis and Portfolio Management 
  4. Financial Risk Management 
  • The financial derivatives and the risk management in International Operations are the topics which are new concepts at this level and needs more attention to detail due to introduction of concepts at an advanced level 


The best approach to study the Strategic Financial Management paper 

  • First understand the concepts and then solve practical questions immediately. This way you will retain the concepts for a longer tenure and understand your footing on the subject.
  • As per ICMAI rules and regulation, there should be at least 9 months of time gap from the time of registration to the time of giving exam. The reason behind this is, a student should do a thorough study of all the concepts. Therefore, it is always recommended to start immediately after registering to the course. 
  • There are many books which are available in the market as well as various books recommended by ICMAI. However, from the point of view of exam and to conceptually understand the entire syllabus, Study materials given by ICMAI is highly recommended. Cover the ICMAI syllabus in detail and don’t indulge in any selective coverage of syllabus.


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CA Vageesh Hegde
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